Atlantic Offshore Management AS shall use our knowledge and experience to provide marine services that meet, or exceed, the requirements of our customers by understanding their needs and preferences. AOM is committed to provide Healthy and Safe Working and Living conditions for all Employees, Third Party personnel, Sub‐Contractors onboard company vessels and premises.


Management accepts its duty to ensure that all practical measures are taken to provide and maintain
safe and healthy conditions on board ships and premises, as well as design, construction and
operation of all plant, machinery and equipment. Health and Safety responsibilities rank equally with
all other company responsibilities. The ultimate responsibility for AOM’s Health and Safety
performance rests with the Managing Director. The Management of Atlantic Offshore will:

  • Encourage the active involvement of all employees and sub-contractors in the company’s effort to promote and improve service to the customer and standards of Health and Safety
  • Make the necessary resources available to enable employees to achieve the Company’s objectives
  • Encourage continuous improvement in safety awareness and safety management skills at all levels within the Company
  • Improve performance and safety by implementing routines and procedures designed to identify and prevent the consequences of unsafe acts and habits that may lead to incidents or near misses
  • Execute Safety Risk Analysis and Safety Risk Assessment in order to prevent unwanted occurrences and consequences
  • Implement an effective “Feedback System” to ensure that all Employees learn from unplanned events
  • Ensure that effective Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is available to all Employees.
  • Regular Safety drills and training to be carried out both on and offshore.
  • Maintain it’s No smoking policy on board and at the office. Smoking is only permitted outdoors or in confined spaces designated for the purpose.
  • Establish a methodology for risk assessment for competency, critical equipment, environmental impact, emergencies and key operations.

It is the duty of all Employees, including Employees of Sub-Contractors to act responsibly in order to prevent injury to themselves or fellow workers. Action will be taken where this primary requirement is not observed.

Health & Safety is the direct responsibility of all employees within Atlantic Offshore Management AS, Third Parties and Sub Contractors irrespective of position or rank. All personnel hold the responsibility to be conversant with and work within the principles and procedures of Atlantic Offshore Management AS’ Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management System. In particular:

  • Attend safety meetings and participate in the SMS improvement system, giving feed-back where relevant
  • Notify the onboard Safety Officer, shore Safety Manager/Designated Person, regarding any dangerous occurrences, near misses or risks to Health or Safety
  • Promptly report any accident, or potential danger, and actively participate in any subsequent investigation
  • Ensure that all equipment provided in the interests of health and safety is readily available as required, properly used and to report any deficiencies with such equipment
  • Prevent misuse any equipment provided for Health and/or Safety protection.

The ultimate responsibility for the Company’s Quality, Health, and Safety performance rests with the Managing Director.